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Printing Department

Clean room environment make printing quality more stable.




Forming Department

Press-forming and CNC-forming process: satisfy customer's delicate quality demanding to plate lens quality.




Quality Inspection & Assembly Department

Fulfill the input, process, delivery and first/last product inspections; patrolled inspections and random inspections; the inspection quality is flawless.



Engineering Department

Design new products and review standards; arrange production process and solve problems occurred from production process.

Business Department

Serving customer is the first priority.
Satisfy customer's demanding.
Rapidly respond customer's problems.


No.2, Lane 72, Lide St., Junghe City Taipei, Taiwan 235.

TEL:886-2- 22267762~72


SHUN YUAN has passed the ISO-9001 certification in 2004 and the QC080000 certification in 2007. Hold global business opportunity.



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