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To upgrade our competition capability, we have combines the nameplate-printing service of various kinds, which include the pattern plate-making, design & develop molds, screen printing and continuous production process.


No.2, Lane 72, Lide St., Junghe City Taipei, Taiwan 235.

TEL:886-2- 22267762~72


SHUN YUAN has passed the ISO-9001 certification in 2004 and the QC080000 certification in 2007. Hold global business opportunity.







SHUN YUAN use flat or raised surface, laser carving, diamond carving, sand blasting, etching, anodic treatment, electroplating, rcoring process and their combination to emphasize product's tailor-made value. Our service items include:

  USB housing

  Cell phones, digital cameras, MP3

    product's LENS

  Aluminum nameplate, PC nameplate

  Cavity & raised boards in any shapes and


  Poly nameplate

  Paper sticker nameplate

  Large demonstrative board built in public

    space (zoos, parks or sightseeing spots)



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