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Laser carving

can carve characters or pattern on product surface and promote the fine-quality sense.

Surface hair-line treatment

hair-line treatment can select the hair fineness to match product demanding; this process can be applied in PDA, cell phone, MP3, LCD monitor, NB or LCD TV housings.

Surface etching

use surface etching technology can display the 3D effect of characters or pattern; it normally is applied in small-area LOGO.


Diamond carving

normally applied to make enterprise identification badges made by aluminum material.


Anodic treatment

Ordinary aluminum alloys are easy to oxidize, the benefit of applying anodic treatment is to isolate aluminum surface from further oxidization. The treated surface is hard, anti-wear and anti-corrosion. Another outstanding feature of anodic treatment is that the treated film can be demonstrated in diverse beautiful colors under customer's options.


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